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Netherlands vs. Turkey | Highlights | Women’s VNL 2019

Belgrade, Serbia, May 22, 2019 – Turkey beat the Netherlands 3-1 to claim victory in Belgrade on Wednesday.

Giovanni Guidetti, head coach of Turkey: “This is the moment to see what our team is doing, and not mind the opponents. We controlled the match, as we should, because the Dutch played with their second team.”

Jamie Morison, head coach of the Dutch: “We have a really young group of players here, we are learning as we go, but at some point we have to learn how to win.”

Meliha Ismailoglu, Turkish team player: “We both have very young teams, and we are trying to grow with each match we play. I am satisfied that we managed to win today. Serbia is also missing many key players, so tomorrow we will have to try and find the way how to match their play.”

Mirte Shot, libero of the Dutch team: “We see this as a progress, we are going step by step because most of our girls are playing for the first time these kind of matches. We will take the positive things, learn from the bad ones and hope we do better in the future.”

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