Brazil vs Dominicans | Highlights | Women’s VNL 2019


    Brasilia, Brazil, May 22, 2019 – Prisilla Rivera celebrated her team the Dominican Republic’s stunning victory over Brazil in week 1 of the women’s VNL. The Dominicans have won their second match in a row.

    Prisilla Rivera, Dominican Republic captain – “Playing away is always hard, we knew that this would be a tough match. Our goal was to win by any score. All players had an important role on court. We are happy because Brazil have a strong team, even missing some of their most experienced players”

    Marcos Kwiek, Dominican Republic head coach – “Brazil has an amazing team, and it is always difficult to play them. We are getting our pace in this competition, getting points on the scoreboard and winning key matches, that is the most important to us”

    Gabriela Guimarães, Brazil captain – “The Dominican Republic team had an outstanding match tonight, they pushed all the time. We did not have the defensive system – it was not as good as last game. After they opened two sets we needed to go even harder.”

    Jose Roberto Guimarães, Brazil head coach – “We need to improve our defensive system. Tonight our counter-strike was not as effective as we are used to. Our service was not as aggressive as we needed, and our block did not work well.”

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