Belgium vs Korea | Highlights | Women’s VNL 2019

    Macau, China, May 28, 2019 – Korea claimed the first victory of week 2 of the 2019 women’s FIVB Volleyball Nations League against Belgium on Tuesday. Korea coach Stefano Lavarini was impressed by the positive mindset shown by his players as they scored a straight-set victory 3-0 (25-15, 25-17, 25-21) to secure their first win in the 2019 VNL.

    Korea coach Stefano Lavarini said: “To have received compliments from Gert, who is such a great coach, is something that I am really proud of. I would like to congratulate my team. We played with improved attitude and confidence, our serves are strong and, even though we lacked composure in some situations, it was important to start the match well. I feel the Belgium players were a little nervous today and made more mistakes than they are used to, but credit to our players that we played with an attacking mentality to achieve the positive result.”

    Korea captain Kim Su Ji said: “We are maturing as a team and our players are adjusting to the coaching style of our coach. Our goal is to keep improving day by day.”

    Belgium coach Gert Vande Broek said: “First of all I would like to congratulate the Korea team. We saw the matches that they played last week and today they played better. Korea started the game well, gave us a lot of pressure with their serves and defense so we could not play our normal game, and they fully deserve the victory today. I am disappointed with my team that we could not make a comeback like we did last week against Japan and Bulgaria.”

    Belgium captain Ilka Van De Vyver said: “It was a really hard game for us. We could not find our game, we could not score and we could have controlled the situation better. Every game is important for us, so we are going to work hard to prepare for the next game.”

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