Brazil vs Russia | Highlights | Women’s VNL 2019

    Brasilia, Brazil, May 23, 2019 – With over 9,000 witnesses, Brazil upset Russia in a 3-0 victory in 2019 FIVB Volleyball Nations League action on Thursday. Ana Paula Borgo was the top scorer for Brazil with 17 points.

    Ana Paula Borgo, Brazil Opposite Hitter: “We did not play well in the last game, but in this competition we do not have much room for mourning the defeat or celebrating a victory. When one match is finished, we focus on the next one. Today we were more effective on service, blocks and side-out.”

    Mara Leão, Brazil Middle Blocker: “We are a young team, and we take one step at the time. Last night we did not show our best, so we tried even harder tonight. We studied Russia and our tactics worked out. Everyone in our team did a good game. We still have a long way ahead. To play in front of over 9,000 people gave me goosebumps – we cherish this support.”

    Alexsander Krasilnikov, Russia Head Coach: “This was the first visit to Brazil for many of our young players. So this experience here, with a crowded venue, a lot of pressure from the stands, was an important test for them.”

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